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By Mike Gilldard

Drew Peters has been called the boy next door because of his sweet face and quiet demeanor. He has also been called a nasty sex pig because on camera he gets down to the bad bone with no trouble at all.

We chatted with Drew, who has been in the porn business for about eight years, at his home in Los Angeles. He was just back in town after spending the weekend at International Mr. Leather in Chicago over Labor Day weekend.

When talking with Drew you feel immediately comfortable. There is none of the pretence or drama that can happen with porn stars and porn-star egos. Talking to Drew is like talking to your neighbor who dropped by one afternoon for a visit.

Mike Gilldard: So, how was International Mr. Leather?
Drew Peters: It was my first time to go and it was not what I expected at all. I knew it was a pretty wild event with lots of people from all over the world coming in for a good time, but I didn’t realize just how good a time. The energy was very high and very sexual.

MG: Did you go with friends?

DP: I was there at SX Video’s booth because I just completed shooting Sleaze, their new title. Me and several other guys who had also done videos for them did a greet-and-meet with the fans. Also, we did demonstrations.

MG: Of what?

DP: Chris Neal, who is also in Sleaze, was there. He demonstrated how he can suck himself. Guns and Flex Deon Blake were there doing fisting demos. I did a self-fisting demo.

MG: You can fist yourself?

DP: Yeah, it is one of my specialties. I have done it in several videos, including Sleaze.

MG: What was the crowd’s response?

DP: The audience liked it. Some were shocked, some didn’t believe it until it was happening.

MG: I bet

DP: You can see a video clip of the demo at www.sxvideo.com/IML.htm

MG: Did many guys talk to you after your demo?

DP: Lots. I also signed autographs.

MG: Do you like meeting your fans?

DP: That is the best part of being in the videos – meeting people who see your work.

MG: When and how did you start fisting yourself?

DP: I started doing it to myself awhile ago. I had been going out a lot and not meeting anyone. I’d come home and play with my toys. The more I played, the bigger toys I bought until one night it dawned on me to try to stick my fist up my ass. It didn’t work at first, but eventually I got it in there. I did that for about a year before I let anyone else do it to me.

MG: What are your plans for future porn work?

DP: I am not actively seeking anything. If people contact me, I will do it if it fits into my schedule. Why not? It is fun work.


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